Collaborative Divorce Counseling for Families and Individuals

Separation and Divorce

As a Collaborative Divorce coach, Dr. Francie Stone integrates the family’s mental health and the legal aspects of divorce. The collaborative divorce team consists of the divorce coach and the child specialist, two of the most common mental health professionals involved with the separating/divorcing couple.

Collaborative Divorce Goals

Collaborative divorce assists the divorcing couple with the goal to achieve a successful resolution of issues related to their marriage and family in order to minimize the negative emotional, monetary, and social effects that families can experience.

To achieve the goal of collaborative divorce, a team of professionals from several disciplines work together with you to integrate the emotional, legal and financial aspects of your divorce. Your divorce coach may work along side you with your attorneys, your financial specialist and your child specialist.

As a separation/divorce counselor, I am a certified:

Collaborative divorce services are offered by attorney referral. If you are looking for separation or divorce counseling in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas or have questions, please Contact Dr. Stone Here or call 262-689-6140.