General Counseling

Individual CounselingChild/Adolescent/Teen CounselingFamily Therapy – Therapy Across the Life-SpanCouples/Marital Counseling/Therapy

Individual Counseling

I provide a safe and confidential place to get support, insight, guidance, information, tools, resources and skills to manage the ups, downs and daily challenges of life.

I focus on your strengths and guide you in achieving wellness, happiness and success at home and at work. Through talk therapy, people understand themselves and others better.

Child/Adolescent/Teen Counseling

From social stress, transition and divorce, bullying and trauma, children and adolescents are under more pressure now than ever before. Young people often struggle with self-image and self-esteem issues, sometimes depression and eating disorders, and substance abuse is a big threat in today’s hurried, stressful pace.

Therapy for Children, Teenagers and Young Adults

Dr. Stone specializes in providing therapy for children, teenagers and young adults, working from a strengths-based approach. Therapy can be an opportunity to:

  • Learn about yourself and discover who you are to increase self esteem, confidence, and assertiveness
  • Receive treatment for ADD/ADHD
  • Address concerns about depression or anxiety
  • Develop a positive relationship with your body
  • Cope with transitions from elementary school to middle school to high school and to college
  • Understand the way you communicate and learn new skills
  • Explore feelings about making positive decisions about sex, relationships, drugs and alcohol
  • Improve time management, prioritization and organizational skills

Dr. Stone is well known as someone who young people can relate to and understand. She is warm, compassionate, non-judgmental and understands the issues that children, teenagers and young adults face with regard to school, family, relationships and life in general.

Family Therapy – Therapy Across the Life-Span

Dr. Stone provides a safe and confidential place to get support, insight, guidance, information, tools, resources and skills to improve parenting skills, knowledge and confidence. Infancy, early childhood, young adolescence, the teenage years and beyond to empty nest syndrome: Each presents a unique set of pressure points.

Family therapy can help control stress and anxiety, reduce dysfunction and fine-tune parenting skills. It can involve the whole family or just those willing and able to participate. It can focus on marital or financial problems or parent-child conflicts. Learn how to set boundaries, communicate effectively and resolve conflict in healthy ways.

Strengthening Relationships

I believe all couples can benefit from therapy or counseling to reduce stress, conflict and negative interaction. Couples counseling can significantly improve relationship strengths and increase intimacy and happiness.

It is a common misconception that seeking couples therapy means your relationship has serious problems or is headed for divorce (or a breakup). All relationships have issues and conflict, and I can help you manage them in a way that improves your quality of life.