Child Specialist

A child specialist talks with children and gives children a “voice” during the difficult time of separation and divorce. They provide children a chance to express themselves to someone who cares without putting them in the middle of parental conflict.

Having a trained professional talk with children avoids putting children in the position of feeling guilty about their experience and feelings, feeling like they have to take care of one parent over another, or feeling like they have too much power in a situation in which they simply need to be kids.

A child specialist is not the same as a child therapist. The goal is to help parents (not professionals) develop the knowledge and skills to be their children’s natural supports.

This does not have a long-term, ongoing psychotherapeutic relationship with the children, or the type of “confidentiality” typical of counseling. The children know that the child specialist will be talking with and helping their parents.

The Role of Child Specialist

As a child specialist, Dr. Stone gives your child or children the opportunity to voice their concerns regarding the divorce, and provides the parents with guidance and information to help their children through the divorce process. This includes:

  • How to inform children about the divorce/ separation
  • How to make child-focused decisions that are best based on each child’s individual needs

In addition, the child specialist supports the development of an effective co-parenting plan through collaboration with parents, attorneys and, if involved, divorce coaches.